Fitting, Samples and Measures

Fitting, Samples and Measures of the Clothes

Before you make your Order you may try the clothes we offer, you may order a sample and/or if you have an address in Sofia city you may want us to visit you on-site. This will give you best idea of the exact size, materials, colors and quality of our clothes.

Fitting room: You can try the models we produce at our studio in Sofia, where there are samples of them and after contacting us as provided on the Website to get an appointment for exact date and time. Such testing shall be free of charge to you.

Samples: We may send you samples of our clothes to an address you specify. In this case you shall pay us a deposit amounting to the price of the samples, which deposit shall be payable to us as the payment of the price under a Contract detailed below. You may collect the samples personally from our studio in Sofia or we may send them by courier as specified below for delivery of products under a Distance contract. You may keep the samples for testing for up to 3 business days as of their receipt, after which you shall return them to us in the same condition as they were delivered to you and we will refund the deposit to you. If you do not return the samples in time, or if you return them in a condition other than the one they were sent to you (e.g. torn, stained, spotted or otherwise damaged) you shall pay us the price of the sample in question and you can keep the sample, and we shall be entitled to make a deduction from the deposit you have paid. In the event that you make an Order in connection with the sample testing, the shipping costs for the samples will be shared between the parties to the Contract, as you will pay for the shipment of the samples to you and we will pay the shipment for their return to us. If you do not make an Order the shipping costs for sending the samples to you and returning them to us shall be entirely at your own expense.

On-site visit to the Customer: For Customers in Sofia we offer an on-site visit to an address in Sofia city by our employee, who will bring you requested samples for testing and will advice you on the color combinations, the size selection, your individual measures. This is a paid service as the cost will be agreed between parties and paid by you in advance. If you make an Order with respect to our on-site visit for manufacture of products with price above BGN 400 (four hundred Bulgarian leva) the fee for our on-site visit service will be deducted from the Order price.

The Customer understands that there might be differences in the colors displayed on the Website and of actually delivered products, as the colors seen on pictures are dependent on the technical parameters and configuration of the device that represents the photos to the Customer.