Ladies’ Work Uniform ARA/PAVO
  • Ladies-Tunics-for-Work-Ara-Yellow
  • Ladies-Tunics-for-Work-Ara-Green
  • Ladies-Tunics-for-Work-Ara-Lilac
  • Ladies-Tunics-for-Work-Ara-Black
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-Coral
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-Green
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-Lilac
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-White
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-White-Back

Ladies’ Work Uniform ARA/PAVO


Set consists of: tunics Ara and trousers Pavo

  • tunics for work Ara is V-necked and has a front pocket. It can be worn freely or tight around the waist as it has threads which could be fastened in the front, or at the back
  • trousers Pavo have an elastic belt and two front side pockets. They could be made with a front edge with a stitch, if you like. PAVO is available in a wide range of colors

Ladies’Work Uniform ARA/PAVO is perfect for an everyday uniform as it is very comfortable and pleasant to wear on a daily basis. We provide embroidery so that the uniform could be personalized for your company with your company logo and/or name. For more information, please, visit EMBROIDERY.

Model wears: XS
Model’s height: 176 cm

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