Women’s Work Uniform DORADO WOMEN/PAVO
  • Womens-Tunics-for-Work-Dorado-Lime-Green
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  • Womens-Tunics-for-Work-Dorado-Petrol
  • Womens-Tunics-for-Work-Dorado-Lilac
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-White-Back
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  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-Blue
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-White
  • Womens-Medical-trousers-with-pockets-Pavo-Green

Women’s Work Uniform DORADO WOMEN/PAVO


Set consists of: tunic Dorado Women and trousers Pavo

  • top Dorado Women is a short-sleeved tunic with one top pocket and two bottom pockets that are hidden. It is taken in at the waist at the back and it has side slits. It is put on through the head.
  • trousers Pavo have an elastic belt and two front side pockets. They could be made with a front edge with a stitch, if you like. PAVO is available in a wide range of colors.

Women’s Work Uniform DORADO WOMEN/PAVO is perfect for an everyday uniform as it is very comfortable and pleasant to wear on a daily basis. We provide embroidery so that the uniform could be personalized for your company with your company logo and/or name. For more information, please, visit EMBROIDERY.

Model wears: S
Model’s height: 168 cm

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