Repairs, Returns and Replacements

Legal right of withdrawal from the Contract

With the exception in the event of purchase of a gift card, in the other cases the Customer shall not have the right of withdrawal from the Distance contract as such contract is for products that are made to the Customer’s request and in accordance with Customer’s requirements. The work clothes offered by the Contractor are specific for different professionals, businesses and clients and the Contractor does not maintain stock availability of specific work clothes unless otherwise agreed in writing with specific Customer.

The right of withdrawal shall be valid for the purchase of gift cards as detailed under Clause 4.1.4 above.


 Repairs, Returns and Replacements

In the event where the Customer has reasonable claim that the Contractor has departed from the order or that the work done has deficiencies, the Contractor shall be entitled to demand a repair within a reasonable period and without further payment.

If the departure from the order or the deficiencies are considerable and the work is totally unfit for use in accordance with its purpose, the Customer shall has the right to cancel the Contact and refund of the paid price along with all costs reasonably incurred, or to request replacement with a new product within reasonable period. In these cases the Contractor may collect the nonconforming products at its own costs.

The rights of the Customer under the previous clause shall be extinguished by limitation within six months, as provided under the Bulgarian law. The Customer shall be entitled to a guarantee if and where this is provided for in the laws in force in Bulgaria.

The Customer may address a complaint to any GUGLA store or to the registered GUGLA address, as well as to the email addresses listed on the Website.

The Contractor shall refund the paid price, where the request for that is legitimate, without undue delay and to bank account as indicated by the Customer.